Hospital support staff

Finances, budgetting and communication are well arranges by our administration. As patient you will encounter our reception to pay.

Kitchen staff provides well cooked meals. If you are in special diatery needs, they adapt or explain to family what to prepare. 

Clean sheets, fresh gowns, etc. Every day our hospital consumes a lot of linnen that need cleaning to provide the best hygiene.

All materials will be properly sterilised to avoid unnecessary complications. 

Our Catholic mission has an indoor and outdoor church to fit all people that would like to say their prayers and get blessed. 

Next to the hospital, there is a school of nursing which trains the students who you will encounter in the hospital.

Accomodation is available for patients waiting for results, family members of patients and mothers that wait for their delivery.

The hospital has its own mortuary to maintain the body well of your family member, who will rest in peace. 

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