About Muvonde Hospital

An overview of the hospital


Muvonde Mission hospital is a Catholic institution under the Diocese of Gweru in Zimbabwe. It is under Driefontein Mission. Driefontein Mission also comprises of Driefontein Sanatorium hospital, Driefontein primary school, Driefontein secondary school, farm and technical workshop; which are carpentry, metal work, tailoring, mechanics, curving and electrical. It also have a home for the orphans and vulnerable children.

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Mr Zhou, Administrator Muvonde

From late 1990s to early 2000s construction to expand the structure which where present took place.

Background History

The hospital was a juvenile delignancy reformatory school before 1962 when it was turned to be a full-fledged health institution with 140 beds. Constructions to expand the structures had begun in 1960 for the inpatient wards.

From late 1990s to early 2000s construction to expand the structure which where present took place. These include maternity department, laboratory, X-Ray, administration, in-patient wards for the catholic religious patients and staff houses. The bed capacity then increased to 190 beds. The construction of new school of nursing started in 2003 and was officially opened in 2007 to accommodate 100 students per given period of time.

Geographical Position

The hospital is situated in Driefontein Mission farm. It is 19km eastern direction from Fair fields – Mtao forestry pole depot which is along the Harare – Masvingo highway.


To be the hospital of choice for the patients, physicians and employees in Zimbabwe because of our preeminent patient care, nurse education programs and spiritual healing.


Our mission at Muvonde hospital is to provide our clients with extra-ordinary health and spiritual service products which is meant to enhance peace of mind through prayers and high quality compassionate corrective surgery service, curative, preventive, educative, promotive, rehabilitative and delivery beyond their expectations.


Reference with dignity – we value and safeguard personhood by recognising that every life is a gift from God.

Work as a team – we recognise the efforts and sacrifices of individuals, organisations and government’s contributions towards the maintenance of health communities and protecting vulnerable population throughout Zimbabwe.

 Integrity – we protect our clients and maintain confidentiality and privacy through honesty, fairness and self scrutiny.

Trust – we value open and honesty communication among personnel as well as our clients.

Cooperation – we also value cooperation between staff and clients and cascade to various clinical, technical and administrative professionals and specialities.

Heritage – we are inspired by Catholic

Innovation – we commit ourselves to new ideas, creativeness and technological developments in enhancing quality health care services to our clients.

Fleet management

The hospital relies entirely on donated vehicles for patient’s transportation and administrative trips. The fleet came from Help Organisation in Switzerland which donated us a Toyota Dyna lorry, Toyota Quantum mini bus and a Toyota Hilux pick-up truck which have surpassed their recommended life span mileage though they are on the road.

Future plans

The management has laid down its future development plans which after mobilising financial resources from donor community and government of Zimbabwe will undertake the following projects in priority order;

We enjoy being in partnership with different parties

Government of Zimbabwe

We enjoy being in partnership with the Government of Zimbabwe for the delivery of quality health care service products to the Zimbabwean community. Above all the Government of Zimbabwe is the custodian of all health care activities done to the Zimbabwe population and hence provides technical, professional, material and financial support to the institution. It also pays salaries and allowances to most cadres who occupy posts within its gazetted establishment

Zimbabwe Association of Church related Hospitals (ZACH)

This is an association of mission hospitals in Zimbabwe of which Muvonde hospital subscribes to this membership and benefits a lot from the association. It helps the institution by sourcing some medical & surgical consumables, minor & major medical and non-medical equipment, vehicles, infrastructure development, skills retention and many more.

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