The laundry service department compliments and contributes to the entire vision of hospital of offering total quality patient care. It offers the laundry services to all departments which use linen in the hospital thus contributing to the enhancement of infection control policy. The operational aim of the department is: to receive and document all incoming dirty linen in a conducive and hassle free environment with strong adherence to laid down standard operating procedure. Further to dispatch and document all the clean linen to various hospital departments. And last to maintain and clean the department and assess as to curb medico legal hazards The department is manned by a team of 6 members who are hungry to prosper and have passion to their work. On daily basis 400kg to 450kgs of linen pass through their hands. All laundry machines are powered by electricity and comprises of 1 drying tumbler, 3 washing machines, 1 ironing machine. The ironing machine is being complimented by domestic hand irons. The department also has washing basins where blankets are hand washed. Above all the department enjoys a strong cordial working relationship with other hospital departments which happen to be the department’s client.

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