Muvonde Mission Hospital kitchen started operating in 1969. It operates from 03pm to 5.30 pm. There are 6 cooks working. The department is essential for receiving, storing, preparing and producing food for all admitted patients. Patients receive four meals per day. The department is equipped with a cold room for storing perishable products, deep freezer, three big electric pots, industrial stove, meat cutting machine and two industrial fire pots. We prepare meals for patients e.g. porridge, tea, sadza and relish e.t.c. We prepare high protein diet and light diet food. The department works under the supervision of the Administrator , Matron. There are two shifts in the department – first – 0300hrs to 1100hrs and the second shift is from 0730hrs to 1730hrs. The department is equipped with borehole water source. The hospital garden supplies vegetables, the nearest butchery supplies us with meat. Most of the food stuffs are bought from Masvingo/ Gweru (which are our nearest towns). The kitchen staff wear complete white uniform. We maintain infection control by not allowing people from outside to enter our kitchen especially patients from wards.

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